Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

tumblr_inline_nknu0ttrdh1qgt12iStarting September 7, lunch is now free for every student at every public school across New York City. Free School Lunch for All will provide over 200,000 more students with free lunch starting this school year. Last school year, 75% of students were eligible for free lunch and starting this school year, 100% of families will be eligible to receive free lunch.

Students need healthy meals to stay focused in school, and it is a major step forward that every New York City student will have access to free breakfast and lunch every day. Free School Lunch for All will provide financial relief to families and ensure all students are receiving nutritious meals so that they can succeed in the classroom and beyond,” said Chancellor Carmen Fariña.  

Free School Lunch for All will apply to all schools and students who participate in SchoolFood, including charter and non-public schools. Breakfast is already provided free of charge to all students, and the Breakfast in the Classroom initiative has expanded to nearly 300 schools.

For more information about Free School Lunch for All, visit the DOE’s website.

Posted by The Morning Bell

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