As the warm rays of August begin to give way to the cool breezes of September, it is time for New Yorkers to begin getting ready to go:




(cue the confetti!)

Yes, folks, it is true. Summer is almost over, and it is time for us to start getting ready for another year of classes, books, practices, teachers, and BFFs,

While most of us absolutely cannot wait for the school year to start, à la Bilbo Baggins above, we understand that there might be those of us who are grudgingly accepting that we have to go back.

But fret not! Because here at The Morning Bell, we have your school year covered!

First, let us check out what is going on in the month of September, courtesy of the DOE’s official Schools Calendar:

September 2017
Monday, September 4 Labor Day
All DOE schools/central offices closed
Tuesday, September 5 Teachers Report for Work
Wednesday, September 6 Chancellor’s Conference Day
Staff development day
Thursday, September 7 First Day of School
Early dismissal for kindergarten; partial day for pre-k
Friday, September 8 First Full Day for Kindergarten
Partial day for pre-k
Wednesday, September 13 Parent-Teacher Conferences
Elementary schools
Thurs., September 21 – Fri., September 22 Rosh Hashanah
All schools closed; central offices open
Tuesday, September 26 Parent-Teacher Conferences
Middle schools
Thursday, September 28 Parent-Teacher Conferences
High schools

Just a quick note about this month’s schedule:

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: 
    • Please be advised that only certain schools are contractually required to host parent-teacher conferences in September. To find out whether a particular school is hosting parent-teacher conferences in September, please contact that school’s parent coordinator for more information.

We hope everyone has a great first month back in school!

For more news, tips, and guidance about City schools, bookmark us right here at The Morning Bell!

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