We hope you are all enjoying the start of your summer!


Nothing like having fun in the w-otter. 

Whether you plan spending the start of July with friends and family, working on your summer reading list, or preparing for summer school, we’ve got you covered for The Month Ahead.



July 2017
Wednesday, July 5 First Day of Summer School 
(All grades and districts, including D-75)
Friday, July 14 Last Day to Apply for 3-K for All
(Districts 7 & 23)

Have questions about our Summer in the City enrichment programming? Need more details about Summer School? Want to learn more about enrolling in NYC public schools this fall?

Remember: the DOE’s website is always open.

And stay in touch with us all summer long on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, right here on The Morning Bell.

Have a wonderful July, everyone!


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