New Yorkers!

If your family applied for a 2017–18 kindergarten seat on a child’s behalf before the DOE’s January 13 application deadline earlier this year, chances are that your family has already received an offer letter for a seat in one of our schools next year.

If this applies to your household, we encourage you to accept the offer by visiting the school listed in your offer letter and pre-registering your child’s seat by Friday, April 7. To pre-register your child, provide documentation regarding the child’s age and home address in person directly at the school listed in your offer letter.

Meanwhile, families with children born in 2012 who did not submit kindergarten applications for the 2017–18 school year but remain interested in placing their children into NYC public schools next year may find and contact their zoned schools and other schools of interest directly to register. Depending on seat availability and each school’s admissions priorities, schools will either register these children or place them onto waiting lists. Every City child is guaranteed a seat in kindergarten, so if your child has not received an offer by June 2017, the DOE’s Office of Student Enrollment will send your child an offer for a kindergarten seat.

For more information about the DOE’s kindergarten enrollment processes, including answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our website.



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