This week, New York City’s high school juniors will be taking their first major steps towards college attendance.

On Wednesday, April 5, all City eleventh graders will be able to take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) for free as part of the DOE’s first annual SAT School Day

SAT School Day, which is part of the DOE’s College Access for All initiative, will provide approximately 70,000 juniors with the opportunity to take the SAT right inside their schools during normal school hours, free-of-charge. SATs are a critical stepping stone along each of our students’ paths towards college and careers, and SAT School Day helps ensure that all of our students have an equal shot at applying for college.

“By making the SAT available as part of the course of the normal school day, we are eliminating barriers that too often stand in the way of opportunity,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio during an SAT School Day kickoff event. “This is making a very real difference for our high school students who should never be held back because of the cost of the SAT or because they can’t make it to the exam on a Saturday.”

SAT School Day increases our students opportunities for success in many ways, including:

  • Families save money because they are not paying to take the SAT;
  • Grade 11 students can take the SAT and explore their college options prior to their senior year;
  • Reduced test-day stress, as students would take their SATs in familiar environments with staff members they recognize;
  • Students do not have to use up a Saturday to take the SAT, which allows them to maintain work or family weekend commitments; and
  • Students who take the SAT gain access to free college planning tools on The College Board‘s website that can help them learn more about the college application process, financial aid, and college majors.

To help kick off SAT School Day, we teamed up with John Jay School for Law’s Insanity Dance Team and spoke to few high school seniors who participated in SAT School Day pilot programs last year to create the following video:

Thank you, Insanity Dance Team, for “stepping” up to celebrate SAT School Day! To learn more about SAT School Day, visit our official webpage.

On behalf of all NYC schools, we wish all of our juniors success on April 5.

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