Among the most frequently asked questions we receive from parents around this time of year is, “when will you release next year’s school calendar?”

Well, we have an answer for you: NOW.


That moment when you learn exactly when your school will be closed for recess next year.

Starting today, New Yorkers can review the DOE’s official 2017–18 School Calendar and begin planning out the next school year. Some of next year’s big dates include:

  • September 7, 2017:
    First Day of School
  • November 23–24, 2017:
    Thanksgiving Recess (schools closed)
  • December 25, 2017–January 1, 2018:
    Winter Recess (schools closed)
  • February 16–23, 2018:
    Midwinter Recess (schools closed)
  • March 30, 2018–April 6, 2018:
    Spring Recess (schools closed)
  • June 26, 2018:
    Last Day of School

We have also made the calendar available in nine different languages outside of English:

العربية (Arabic)

বাংলা (Bengali)

中文 (Chinese)

Français (French)

Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitian Creole)

한국어 (Korean)

Русский (Russian)

Español (Spanish)

اردو (Urdu)

Remember: make sure to always check with your schools for information about additional important dates and events, as they may not be reflected in the DOE’s official calendar.

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  1. Veterans Day observed Friday, November 10th, why is this date not on the tentative 2017-2018 school year calendar?

    1. When a legal holiday falls on a Saturday, the DOE is not required to designate the Friday prior as a school holiday. This is consistent with our past practices in 2006 and 1995, the previous two years Veterans Day fell on a Saturday.

      1. Yes the legal holiday is Saturday. But it is a federal observed holiday on Friday this is so wrong on NYC DOE part

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  3. Shame, shame on the department of education,it’s ok to add a Chinese holiday and a Muslim holiday but let’s not honor the veterans who keep our country free . What a disgrace

  4. That is a bogus excuse. The last time that Veteran’s Day was on a Sunday, in 2012, we were off on Monday, November 12. Since Eid al Adha and Yom Kippur are both on a Saturday this year, there is no reason why we can’t be off for Veteran’s Day. If Long Island districts can be off on Friday the 10th or Monday the 12th, so can we. There is no excuse for us not celebrating our veterans. There is no excuse for us always having a longer day and longer year than everyone else.

  5. Shame on the DOE!!!! There are many teachers that are veterans including my husband… This is really a disgrace…Veterans should always be honored…

  6. Even though veterans day is officially saturday it is a legal holiday on Friday the 10th. Post offices and other offices are closed so explain why schools are open!!!! This is terrible!

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  9. The Department of Education of NYC has way to many days off from school. I am glad this year there are less days off. I have a child with Autism and when there are days off it throws him out of his schedule so excuse me for not being passionate about Veterans Day not being observe on a Friday because it falls on a Saturday. Nothing is being taken away from the Veterans that have done great things for our country and to keep us save. We are still honoring and respecting them on Saturday.

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  14. Anyone know when he 2018-2019 calendar comes out?

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