Lori Podvesker

“I served because I am committed to advocating for kids with disabilities. Every child deserves a great education and adults to champion for their needs. CEC members are leaders and agents of change in their communities.” – Lori Podvesker, former member of the Citywide Council for Special Education

Are you a parent of a child currently enrolled in a New York City public school who has considered running for a seat on a Community or Citywide Education Council (CEC)

Now, parents who are interested can apply to run in New York City’s 2017 Community and Citywide Education Council Elections until March 10.

CECs play critical roles in the City’s school communities, as their decisions can affect thousands of children’s lives. Each member is charged with promoting student achievement, advising and commenting on educational policies, and providing input to the Chancellor and the Panel for Educational Policy on matters of concern.

Some CEC member responsibilities include:

  • Approving zoning lines, as submitted by the superintendent;
  • Reviewing district educational programs and assessing their effect on student achievement;
  • Holding joint public hearings with the chancellor (or designee) for any proposed school closing or significant change in school utilization; and
  • Preparing district report cards and ensuring its public distribution.
Isaac Carmignani 3

“I served because I loved to. The CEC gave me a chance to do more for others, and allowed me to ensure that all children had the best chance possible to succeed.” – Isaac Carmignani, former President of former CEC 30

When the elections take place later this year, 325 seats across 32 CECs and 4 Citywide Councils will be contested. Parents who are elected during this year’s electoral process will start their two-year term of service beginning July 1, 2017.

To learn more about the election process, including important deadlines, candidate requirements, and responsibilities, please visit nycparentleaders.org or text “RUN2017” to 877-877 for an Elections Guide and more information.

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