Now that February has come and gone, the Ides of March will soon be upon us. Before long, the cold days of winter will fade into memory. Snow flurries and wind chills will soon give way to cherry blossoms and warm breezes, and before long, we’ll forget where we last left our winter coats for 6—7 months.

With dreams of spring on many of our minds, it is time to take a look at the DOE’s official Schools Calendar for the month of March.

March 2017
Monday, March 6 — Tuesday, March 7 Parent-Teacher Conferences (District 75 Schools)
Wednesday, March 8 — Thursday, March 9 Parent-Teacher Conferences (Elementary Schools: Grades K—5)
Wednesday March 15 — Thursday, March 16 Parent-Teacher Conferences (Middle Schools: Grades 6—8)
Thursday, March 23 — Friday, March 24 Parent Teacher Conferences (High Schools)
Tuesday, March 28 — Thursday, March 30 NYS English Language Arts Exams (Students in Grades 3—8)


Some notes about this month:

  • With Parent-Teacher Conferences taking place this month, please check out our website for some suggestions regarding the kinds of questions parents should ask teachers during their conferences.
  • While the majority of our schools are hosting Parent-Teacher Conferences this month, some schools are hosting their conferences on different dates. Please speak with your school’s staff members to confirm your school’s Parent-Teacher Conference schedule this year.
  • Parents and students who have questions regarding this month’s administration of New York State’s English Language Arts exams for City students in grades 3—8 should speak with their teachers directly.

Hope you all have a great March!

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