From February 10–17, public schools across the City are participating in Respect for All Week, the DOE’s annual week-long call to action to City schools to build, promote, and maintain safe and inclusionary environments on behalf of all of their students, staff, and community members. RFA Week is part of the DOE’s ongoing Respect for All program, which has worked to build our staff members and students’ capacity to develop inclusive communities in each of our schools since 2007.

Throughout RFA Week, schools across the City are hosting events and organizing activities for their students, staff, and community members that are aimed at teaching social responsibility and violence awareness while preventing bias-based harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying. Among the topics that are being covered throughout the week include bullying/cyberbullying, being allies, and religious prejudice.

To learn more about Respect for All, including school events from previous RFA Weeks, lesson plans, community partners, please visit our RFA website.

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