Interested in getting more involved in your child’s education? Ever thought about running for a Community or Citywide Education Council? Education Councils play a critical role in school communities, impacting the lives of your child and thousands more.

Parents interested in running for a Community or Citywide Education Council can apply through March 5. New York City public school parents with children currently enrolled in kindergarten through 8th grade can run for a Community Education Council. Parents with a high school student can apply for the Citywide Council on High Schools. To run for the other three Citywide Councils (D75, English Language Learners and Special Education), a parent must have a student receiving the respective services or programs. Parents interested in becoming members of a Community or Citywide Education Council should visit to apply. Parents can also text RUN2017 to 877-877 to receive an Elections Guide and ongoing updates.

Important Dates

February 9 – March 5 – Parents interested in running for a seat on a Council submit an application online (computers will be available at schools and libraries).

March 20 – April 21 – Presidents’ Councils, along with the DOE, host forums for parents to meet and ask questions of Council candidates.

April 23 – May 9 – Presidents, Treasurers, and Recording Secretaries of Parent Associations and Parent-Teacher Associations vote for the new Community and Citywide Education Council Members for the 2017-2019 term.

May 15 – The results are published on

July 1– Elected and appointed Community and Citywide Education Council Members for the 2017-2019 term take office.

The following borough-based information sessions are scheduled (or have been held). Each will begin at 6:00pm.

February 13
Tweed Courthouse
52 Chambers Street

February 16
Bronx Borough Hall, Room 915
851 Grand Concourse

February 22
The Municipal Building
1 Centre Street, 19th floor South

February 7
Brooklyn Borough Hall
209 Joralemon St.

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  1. Hello are any of these parent jobs listed paid jobs

  2. There is no formal pay for these influential positions, but there is an incredible ‘pay-off’! Your participation, at the local or district level, enables you to be a part of the decision-making processes that shape policies and practices that impact your children and learning experiences of other parents’ children at school. Your payoff is when your child is learning and growing and stays on the path to realize their unique potential to achieve and succeed and defy any odds that highlight challenges over resilience and your child’s ability to triumph over challenges. Your payoff is that you are placing yourself and your voice in the right places as a parent who acts in the best interest of your child. Your payoff is ensuring all children are provided with the tools and skills to graduate high school, college and career ready. You are paying it forward!