Since 2014, the Department of Education’s Renewal School Program has been working to transform New York City’s lowest-performing schools into outstanding and accountable learning institutions with strong parental and community involvement, rigorous instruction, and collaborative teachers. So far, we are seeing some great results, and in some cases, the outcomes have been truly inspirational.

Before the Renewal School Program began, P.S. 154 in the Bronx was an underperforming school that was once on track to be closed. Once the program began, however, the school received critical teaching supports and community resources that quickly transformed the elementary school into a dynamic place of learning that parents trust and students love to attend.

To see and hear more about P.S. 154’s wonderful transformation, check out the following video:

P.S. 154: An NYC Renewal School Reborn from NYC Public Schools on Vimeo.

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  1. […] to the DOE’s Renewal Schools Program, New York City’s lowest-performing schools are hard at work transforming themselves into outstanding learning institutions that feature rigorous instruction, […]



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