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yomarIt was far from a sleepy day at P.S. 51 in the Bronx when students and adults came to school in their pajamas for “Read 2017”  on Friday, January 6.

To ring in the New Year, P.S. 51’s Principal Dr. Min Hong asked each classroom teacher to set aside 2017 seconds (about 34 minutes) for reading.

For the last 14 of the designated 34 minutes, the entire school met in P.S. 51’s gymnasium to read together. Dr. Hong chose, The Most Perfect Snowman, Chancellor Carmen Farina’s Book of the Month in December.

upper-grades“This [the notion of being read to] was a nice way to promote reading as a school,” said Dr. Hong, who added that The Most Perfect Snowman promoted important social values such as “giving; making friendships that last; and putting others before yourself.”

The idea for the pajamas, Dr. Hong said, came from the students who had been asking for it— and she believed that the pajamas fit in with the broader idea of creating an event that emphasized “the traditions of childhood and nightly routines,” in an effort to spark positive feelings about reading among her students.

“Being read to is special and comfortable,” said Dr. Hong. “We want all our students to feel that way about reading for their entire lives.”

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