As residents of New York, we know firsthand just how great our City is. Between the people, languages, cultures, food, shopping options, and infrastructure that form the City’s sights, sounds, smells, and tastes, New York has something for just about everyone.

But what really makes New York tick is not our skyline or the variety of dining options that are available; instead, what sets us apart is the way New Yorkers, young and old, natives and transplants alike, talk about potential.

And nobody in this City symbolizes potential more than the 1.1 million students who attendsmiling-teacher the City’s public schools, and right now, our students need YOU.

Apply for the NYC Teaching Collaborative, where you can join other New Yorkers who are passionate about changing students’ lives while helping all of our students reach their full potential.

Applicants who are selected for this program will receive:

  • Eight months of training (spring and summer sessions); during this period, applicants (Partner Teachers) will be supervised, mentored, and coached by experienced teachers called Collaborative Coaches;
  • $13,000 stipend during the training period ($1,625/month)
  • A full-time teaching position following the initial training period;
  • Personalized feedback and support that takes into account individual strengths and needs
  • A City-subsidized Master of Science in Adolescent Education from St. John’s University (following completion of coursework)

This program is meant for individuals who are considering a career change, and have never earned teaching certifications previously.

Interested? Learn more through this handy webinar we made about the NYC Teaching Collaborative.

Apply today; applications are due by September 30!


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