As any City parent can attest, it can be pretty tough raising a child in New York. Among the many challenges, it can be difficult for many parents to seek and discover assistance or advice for the various concerns that pop up over the course of their children’s lives. And while there are dozens of City agencies that are tasked with providing parents with the services and assistance they need, sometimes, it’s hard for parents to figure out “who does what.”

For example, which City agency oversees afterschool programs?  How about middle school enrollment? And did you know that the City can even help provide new mothers with breastfeeding assistance?

Now, parents can get information about these topics, and more, in one place.

Introducing the City’s new Growing Up NYC website, NYC’s official resource for parents, children, families, and growing up.  nycdoh_growingup_logo_cmyk_final

Thanks to the NYC Children’s Cabinet, an advisory board made up of representatives from 24 City agencies, NYC parents no longer have to spend time figuring out which agency to turn to. Now, parents can simply head to the clean, clear, and easy-to-use Growing Up NYC website, and start searching for the solutions to their children’s needs.

We hope this new site becomes one of your most-used online tools. Check it out, and let us know what you think in our comments section below!

Posted by The Morning Bell

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