New York’s teachers do so much great work for City students and schools; now it is time we show our appreciation and recognize some of our most exceptional and talented educators for their outstanding work and commitment to the City’s students, schools, and communities.


Between now and Friday, December 9, New York City residents, including public school students and their families, school administrators, educators, and community members, can nominate their favorite district or charter school teachers for this year’s Big Apple Awards. Now in its fifth year, the Big Apple Awards is a citywide recognition program that celebrates City teachers who go above and beyond to inspire their students, exemplify great teaching, and improve their school communities.

So why should you nominate a teacher? Through each nomination, you can:

  • Say “thank you” to a dedicated educator who has made an impact in your life and/or your community;
  • Help define “great teaching,” as each nomination contributes to an ongoing citywide conversation about what makes a teacher’s instruction “successful;”
  • Make a teacher’s day, as each time a teacher’s name is submitted for consideration, he/she receives an email notifying them about their candidacy for the Big Apple Awards;
  • Highlight an example of a great teacher that educators across the City could learn from; and
  • Help your nominee get considered for additional recognition opportunities throughout the school year.

Once the nomination process ends, each candidate is considered and selected for the Big Apple Awards based on their instructional practices, contributions to their school community, and overall impact on student learning. Then in June 2017, Big Apple Award recipients will be notified of their selections via surprise classroom visits from the DOE’s Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors, and other members of the City’s education community. In addition to being recognized for their exceptional service, Big Apple Award recipients will serve as Big Apple Fellows on the Chancellor’s Teacher Advisory Group during the 2017-18 school year.

Have a teacher in mind that you would like to nominate for a Big Apple Award? Visit our Big Apple Award nomination page, and submit your selection today. But remember: nominations must be submitted by December 9, 2016!


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  1. […] After over 7,800 nominations, hundreds of interviews, several weeks of research, and hours of internal debates and classroom observations, the DOE has announced the recipients of this year’s fifth annual Big Apple Awards. […]



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