November is here, and before you know it, our clocks will fall back to Standard Time, a new U.S. President will be elected, and search engine queries for “tryptophan” will peak for the year. Time to take a look at our official Schools Calendar to see what’s in store for City schools this month:

November 2016
Wednesday, November 2
Thursday, November 3
Parent-Teacher Conferences (Elementary School)
Saturday, November 5 Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) – Make Up Date (Grade 8 & 9 Students w/Special Permission ONLY)
Tuesday, November 8 Election Day: schools closed
Friday, November 11 Veterans Day: schools closed
Tuesday, November 15
Wednesday, November 16
Parent-Teacher Conferences (District 75)
Thursday, November 17
Friday, November 18
Parent-Teacher Conferences
(High School)
Thursday, November 24
Friday, November 25
Thanksgiving Recess: schools closed

Just a quick note about this month’s Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC): please check with your school to confirm specific PTC schedule details, including times and room assignments.

Also, note that many of our IT’S ELEMENTARY conferences are being held across the City throughout November. So if you are seeking more information about our pre-k, kindergarten, and Gifted & Talented enrollment options, check out the conference schedule right here on The Morning Bell.

Hope you all have a great November!

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