Often, NYC public school parents ask, “Who can I talk to in my child’s school if I have questions about school services, programs, or my child’s teacher?”

Have you met your school’s parent coordinator? Parent coordinators are important parts of every school community, as they can help parents with many of their questions and concerns. Among the many responsibilities they have, parent coordinators:

  • Create welcoming school environments for all parents;
  • Work with principals to address parent issues and concerns;
  • Get parents directly involved in their children’s education;
  • Strengthen parental participation during school events (i.e. plays, movie nights, fundraisers, etc); and
  • Provide support to parent associations/parent-teacher associations, school leadership teams, parent advisory councils, and community groups.

If you have yet to meet your school’s parent coordinator, we suggest you take a moment over the next couple of weeks (or even during this year’s Parent Teacher Conferences) to introduce yourself to him/her; parent coordinators can offer invaluable support and guidance throughout the school year that can benefit you and your children for months and years to come.

Likewise, you may also call your parent coordinator directly. Use the DOE’s Find a School website to search for your child’s school, and once you reach your school’s homepage, look on the right column of the page to identify your parent coordinator’s name and your school’s main phone number. Then, call your school, and ask for your parent coordinator by name.

We hope you will find that your parent coordinator is as valuable to you as others have been for our parents over the years.

Have a great relationship with your parent coordinator? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below!

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  1. I am a parent of a children in Public School 195Q in Rosedale Queens. The Parent Coordinator Ms. Harris has done everything for my family to make our school transition wonderful every year. She goes above and beyond the things that you have listed above and works with everyone. I have seen her handle to most difficult parents and always come up with a solution. She is always giving out information and encouraging us parents to stay involved. I believe she is one of the original Parent Coordinators and many come to her for advice. Well spoken about in our community and the children, parents and staff love Ms. Harris!

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